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USE Emergency beacons in case of distress situation

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions allows your organization to become paperless and clean environment. Improve efficiency and reduce work load.

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Clean & paperless Environment

Business dealings, finance, Human Resources, Payroll, attendance, leave management and more. Everything you need to run your business and grow exponentially.

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BD positioning terminals VRI3

BD positioning terminal for vessel is an integrated user terminal which is developed to adapt to the position monitoring and navigation of marine vessels.

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Marine Equipments

Extremely precise, accurate and reliable marine devices such as tracking boats, auto-steering equipments, MF/HF Radios and more.

Emergency Beacons

406 MHz Emergency beacon is device used to alert near-by rescue agencies in case of distress situation.

Safety Equipment

High Quality and most reliable safety equipment such as fire extinguisher, helmets, jackets and more. 

Software Applications

Most powerful, user friendly and scalable software applications such as, ERP System, Search and Rescue Applications and more.

Emergency Beacons


Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) is used by ships or boats to alert search and rescue agencies in case of an emergency.


Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is used by any individual to alert search and rescue authorities of the country in case of distress situation.

How To register

EPRIBs or PLB Beacon should be registered with concern Authorities. Registration of the  beacon is free of cost and most easy to submit.

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