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School Resource Planning System

No amount of paper can hold everything safely

School Resource Planning System (SRPS)

SRPS System is the modern world School Management Software that is compatible with almost every school system in the world. It is consist of 30+ modules along with different user roles such as, Major Admin, Moderate Admin, Parents, Teacher, Receptionist, Student, Financial Accountant. We also help you customize various modules according to your needs and free Domain & Hosting server to store and run the application

SRPS software allows you to manage almost everything you need to run a school. It works from student admission to student leaving. Following are the key:

  • Receptionist  Activities
  • Inventory Management
  • Students Record
  • Admission
  • Fees Management
  • Online Payments
  • SMS Integration
  • Income/Expenses
  • Daily Attendance
  • Time Tables/Subject Assign to Teachers
  • Examination
  • Certifications
  • Reports
  • Notice Board
  • Parents Portal to monitor student’s report
  • Communication b/w Sudents, teachers and parents
  • Hostel/Transport Management
Operating System Any, windows, linux, mac
Type Web Applications
Web Server Apache Server
Platform Laravel PHP


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