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Human Action Recognition

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Searching for the innovative technologies to serve the mankind


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Searching for the innovative technologies to serve the mankind


Human Action Recognition is accepting expanding consideration in the field of computer vision. This intrigue is inspired by a wide range of uses, for example, machine human interaction, reconnaissance, content-based images stockpiling, and security monitoring. Paper gives an overview of the different methods used for the analysis of the human activity. Paper distributes the human action recognition into three noteworthy zones: one would be the tracking the human as a moving object and analysis the patterns using the single or multiple cameras, second would be perceiving human activities from sequential images, and third would be recognizing human activities using inertial sensors. Understanding human action patterns from a solitary view or different viewpoints without recognizing their body parts requires more elevated amount of processing and analyzing the patterns using the successive images or inertial sensors is a challenging, which prompts the discussion of recognition and classification of human activities.

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